(( World Today ))

Mengemas fail-fail dalam laptop, ana terjumpa sebuah artikel (tak tahu la, puisi ke, syair ni)..


When the village is so peaceful,
Zionist has been submitted a military,
All the resident has been irritated by this dastard terrorist,
All this terrorist has a passionate of Palestinian blood,
There are stacked dead body,
There are swirled of missile,
That’s enough to revealed a cruelity of Zionist,
In a fatherland of Palestinian,
That has been hijacked by Zionist.

September 11.
There are so many skyscraper in your country,
The construction is so firmly fixed,
The building is so immense,
The inventiveness’ is so high,
The technology is so sophisticated,
But when the aeroplane has contravened,
All this thing are so dwarf,
That’s enough to illuminate about September 11.

There are so many assembly by a world organization,
OIC,PBB,APEC,NAM…that’s not enough space to write,
There are so many confluence,
There are so many communicator,
This cresting is so completely construct by American,
Yasser Arafat,
I want to accolade a lot of thanks,
I salute you,
I respect you,
But when you are died,
There is a sadness news to all of Palestinian,
But to all of Palestinian,
Don’t give up,
Don’t pessimistic,
Give our energy,
Give our co-operation,
To claim all the compensate,
If the ICJ was ratify Palestine is for Palestinian,
That’s not enough to explain,
Not enough to gratifying the Zionist.
Because this problem is so puzzled.
May Allah S.W.T bless all the Palestinian.